1 Best Answer on How to Compress Videos Files Fast, Free & Without Losing Quality

How do I compress a large video file?

The purpose of this article, is to give a simple answer to those who have ever wondered, “How do I compress the size of this gigantic video?”. The answer is, HandBrake Video Transcoder.

The other day I was given a video file that was more than 300MB to email someone. I did not fancy this assignment because, my internet is not that fast. My internet connection also keeps going on and off. This would have made my attempt to upload then send this video file a daunting task.

I out-rightly knew I had to compress the video file first. In addition, I had to make sure that the quality of the compressed video would not be compromised.

Given that I am neither a video editor nor a Vlogger, I had to rely on a free tool to do so. I didn’t want to pay for a tool I might never use again.

I have never edited a video again. As a result, I had to get a really simple to use video compressing tool.

HandBrake icon.

Luckily, there is a free, very reliable, multi-platform and really good a tool to compress video files. Though the  tool is rather simple, it is very effective. This software is  HandBrake Video Editor.

It is easier and direct to download HandBrake. It is much simpler to use HandBrake to compress videos.
Featured image
HandBrake download page

How to use HandBrake Video Editor to compress video files

I will link you to a site that give you precise simple steps to follow in compressing your videos with HandBrake.

I can’t give more precise steps than those on the link above.

How did HandBrake perform?

My original video file size was 316MB. When I used HandBrake it was compressed to a mere 52.1 in 3 minutes. Therefore, HandBrake did away with 263.9MB without losing the videos initial quality.

I will give HandBrake a 10/10 because despite it being a free tool, HandBrake Video Editor  compressed my video file by 84%.

How to use Handbrake in picture

How to use HandBrake Video Editor
The important icons and settings to use when compressing a video with HandBrake

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How to download YouTube Videos without Internet Download Manager: One Best Answer

Many people use Internet Download Manager which is not free, but there is a free alternative!

A lot of peeps always want to download YouTube videos. Many of them use Internet Download Manager.  This is because the  most of us only know how to download YouTube videos via Internet Download Manager.

Español: Logo Vectorial de YouTube
YouTube (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, Internet Download Manager is a paid application. Many people do not like paying for such small applications. Using cracked software, therefore, comes up. This is piracy. And, well, piracy is illegal and/or morally wrong.

In addition, a cracked Internet Download Manager never really works well. Such an Internet Download Manager will send annoying warnings and it can stop working without notice.

How can someone download YouTube videos without Internet Download Manager for free?

I have massively researched on this. Just try searching for Internet Download Manager alternatives and thousands of articles will pop up. However, most of the options presented do not work.

The only method that really works reliably like Internet Download Manager is by use of EagleGet.

Let’s us download Gangnam Style video from YouTube using EagleGet

  1. From Firefox browser, download EagleGet.

    Get Firefox here.

    Get EagleGet here.

    Featured imageWhen EagleGet is Installed, it will automatically integrate with your browser as an extension. Enable the extension.

  2. Now go to YouTube and search Gangnam Style.
  3. Choose the official video and click to watch.When the video starts playing, a floating blue DOWNLOAD icon will appear on the video. Click on it and choose your preferred video format.
Featured image
EagleGet download icon
Featured image
Formats grabbed by EagleGet
Featured image
Click OK to download
Featured image
Download progress

Why do you have to download YouTube Videos Using Firefox?

I only write about stuffs that I have used and know they work. I have tried this on Firefox and not IE.You cannot use  EagleGet with Chrome because Chrome will block you from downloading official YouTube videos.

This way you will be able to download YouTube video for free. This will also download movies from any movie streaming sites g2g, icefilms and the likes.

NB: Only use this method to download YouTube videos you have uploaded yourself or videos you have permission to download. Google prohibits downloading of YouTube videos.

To download YouTube videos on your phone, get here.


How to Download Android Apps Without Play Store: One Best Answer

If you abhor having to sign into a Google account to download apps, there is a simpler way to download Android apps without Play Store or any other Android App Market.

On your browser, search the name of the app you wish to download together with apk4fun. Say, you want to install Whatsapp, just type Whatsapp Apk4fun.

From the search engine results, click on the option that has apk4fun.com followed by APK and a number, say, 1031 i.e (www.apk4fun.com/apk/1031/).

For example, let’s download WhatsApp

1. Search WhatsApp Apk4fun

2.Choose, www.apk4fun.com/apk/1031/

3. Proceed by clicking to Download APK from Zippyshare

3. Then Direct Download APK File from Zippyshare Now

4.Then click on the image:

Downloading apk direct icon

That way, you will download an Android APK which you can transfer to your phone then click on it to install. You will have to enable, install from unknown sources from your phone’s settings.

The steps above works if you using a phone too.


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How to Block Internet Ads for Free: One Best Answer

Knowing how to block internet ads is unavoidable. Internet ads are so many and annoying. Ads, also, disrupt our social media and general internet usage experiences.

To have an ad-free social media access, you do not need to move to the new social media craze Ello. The best answer to blocking ads, whether on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or your favourite blog, is ADBLOCK PLUS.


From your browser, click here to download Adblock Plus.Adblock Plus logo

 Adblock Plus is an add-on available for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. It is a small ad blocking extension that is free and effective.

I have searched and tried a few other ad blocking add-ons. However, Adblock Plus is the best answer to ad blocking. It is so effective that no sooner had you installed it than the ads disappear.

It is simple and elegant. If you so wish, it offers a simple way to allow ads on sites you choose.

Enjoy an ad-free internet experience.

How to Stream Live Sports: One Best Answer

The best site to stream live sport for free is LiveTV. This site is the best site I have used to stream football so far. Click here to get to LiveTV.

LiveTV Logo

I had searched all over until I came to this live streaming site. As a result, I guarantee that LiveTV will not disappoint you provided your internet connection is good.

All you need is to get on LiveTV homepage and search or click the match you wish to watch.

All matches happening World wide always happen to have many live streaming channels. On LiveTV, live streaming channels are rated in percentages hence it is easier to chose the live streaming channel whose quality is the best.


How to Download YouTube Video on Your Android Device: One Best Answer

You can download YouTube videos on your Android device very easily. Just download TubeMate and install it on your Android device.


After installing TubeMate app, open it and it will take you directly to YouTube. Search your favorite YouTube video. Click on the video. You will see a download icon on top of the TubeMate app. Tap or click on the TubeMate download icon to download.

That is the best way and easiest way to download Youtube videos on Android devices without hassle.

Click here to download TubeMate.